Terms & Conditions


A 20% of the total price is required to confirm the reservation and can be done via credit card (VISA or MASTER CARD) or via bank transfer. The rest of the rent cost have to be paid in cash when arrive. Remember, if there is no other option you can choose to pay with credit card but only for some apartments and always forehanded. If the reservation total cost is less than 250 euros the amount to confirm the reservation is 40% and not 20%. If you choose to pay the full reservation amount you can do it by credit card or bank transfer. But the credit card and the bank transfer fees are your responsibility to pay. Please notice that the booking will not be confirmed until TRAVELLING 2 BARCELONA has received the pre-payment and you have received an email confirmation from us.

The company reserves the right to increase the security deposit requested for the rentals during special periods of the year when in the past high levels of incidences have occurred

Security Deposit

Payment Methods: Credit Card and Cash

OBS: Futher more than just siging the reservation voucher or contract, upon arrival another receipt must be signed either if the security deposit is paid by credit card or cash.

In case of incidents or claims by the client, he will be attended presenting a copy of the document signed by both parties, tenant and owner.


In order to book our apartments a credit card number and expiry date must be offered for security porpoise. Is a compulsory security measure, in order to guarantee that the apartment furniture, appliances, and equipments in case are damaged.

For over 4 people occupancy 2 credit card numbers will be requested. No pre payments shall be done in the card, but its informations will hold until departure in case damage is done in the propriety. Once the apartment is inspected the info will be destroyed.

Cancellation policy

TRAVELLING 2 BARCELONA works through a informatic system and sometimes there is misfunctions. Therefore TRAVELLING 2 BARCELONA is not responsible for internet errors, problems due to the client’s internet connection, third party errors, prices ,names, and dates misplaced by the client in the reservation process. If the client does not present himself on the day of arrival he will be charged for the full amount of the reservation, considering the apartment was kept free and impossible to be rented to anyone else. In case our clients present complains and TRAVELLING 2 BARCELONA consider the complain legit, it will only be accepted before a 15 days deadline. Changes in the check in or check out day need to be told 15 days before it. So we can offer you a perfect service.

The client must pay with cash the amount included in the contract as a depot or bond; if you pay it with a credit card, TRAVELLING 2 BARCELONA is legitimated to charge in it after your leaving any damage to the apartament occurred during your stay.

Please note that the reservation pre-payment is non-refundable. Reservations management generate costs, therefore TRAVELLING 2 BARCELONA can not refund the reservations pre-payment.


You must check the informations and services available for the apartment you are choosing before confirm the reservation. A TRAVELLING 2 BARCELONA is not hold responsible in case of an error from your part in the moment you confirm your reservation. If an eventual problem happens in the apartment booked by the client, TRAVELLING 2 BARCELONA holds the right to transfer the client to an apartment of the same level and characteristics. When arriving even if you dislike the apartment booked, considering that the apartments locations cleared explained the client must pay the rest of the reservation payment, since the apartment was reserved and kept free for the client, and therefore TRAVELLING 2 BARCELONA has lost the opportunity to rent it for someone else.

We advise that the apartment pictures are made with a wide-angle the camera in order to show all the apartment's environment.

If the Cancelation is not made 15 days before arrival we will still charge for the rent once the apartment was kept free for you, and will not be rented in so short notice. In case of cancellation having already paid the total cost: Cancellation one month before the arrival = 80% of the total amount. Cancellation 15 days before the arrival = 50% of the total amount. If no agreement can be reached both contractual parties are authorised to cancel the contract. In this case TRAVELLING 2 BARCELONA will refund to the client all monies paid (except the part corresponding to the days that the apartment was used, if this were the case).TRAVELLING 2 BARCELONA will not be liable for further claims by the client. For the apartments with capacity for up to 8 people: in case the client books any of these apartments for a group of 6 people and whishes to update the reservation for 5 people, the tenant must pay the price for 6 people as priorly established or accept a possible apartment change. This will not be applied for updates requested 1 month prior to arrival.

Either if the clients pay the breakage deposit with the credit card or in cash in case of any incidences generated at the flat during it occupancy, the client gives authorization for:
In case of cash refund, before it happens the apartment must be fully checked. The client must than sign the voucher or the contract confirming that he has received the refund. Without the signature is considered that the devolution was not performed. The client authorizes and accept the terms and conditions in the company webpage, for the flat management company to charge in the credit card the respective money with proved bills, for damages that have been generated in the property by the client.

Arrival / Departure

Arrivals are before 13:00

In case of your arrival be before 1 pm TRAVELLING 2 BARCELONA is not responsible for offering the apartment totally clean and ready for the check in.

Departure 11 am

The departure has to be at 11 am so the cleaning team can put the apartment ready for the next client.

Late Arrivals

Extra charges for late arrivals:

Arrivals between 21:00 and 23:00 have an extra charge of 25.00€. Arrivals between 23:00 and 01:00 have an extra charge of 40.00€. Please, understand that there is going to be a TRAVELLING 2 BARCELONA employee with the only responsibility of waiting for you. For Arrivals after 1 a.m. 20 € fee is added for every extra hour: Arrival at 2 a.m = 60 € Arrival at 3 a.m = 80 € If your group arrives separately to the apartment you bookedorganize yourselves, because the first to arrive when the keys are collected must make the full payment.

Company Rules

It is only allowed to have in the apartment rented the same number of people stated in the contract. If TRAVELLING 2 BARCELONA detects that the number of people in the apartment is superior than the number in the contract, we will update the reservation with the correct number of people, and charge more money for the extra guest, as well a fee is applied. In case of any kind of incidence with the booked apartment, and TRAVELLING 2 BARCELONA consider, as the last resource, to change the clients to another apartment with the same characteristics; The Client will be advised of the change forehanded by e-mail and by telephone. If the client do not reply in a short period of days, neither by telephone or e-mail and do not answer the phone calls, the Company may retain the Apartment previously offered due to the lack of communication with the client and insecurity of the client’s arrival. In case of the client’s arrival to Barcelona on the circumstances mentioned above and no apartments to offer the client shall be transferred to other Rent Apartment Company. The Company in this case hold the right not to refund any Pre Payments previously done.

Very Important

When you arrive in Barcelona we would ask you to call Travelling 2 in Barcelona at the telephone number provided in the email to confirm your arrival time at the apartment. As soon as you arrive to the airport, if you come by plane, and as soon as you get in Barcelona, if you come by car, or train give us a call informing us of your arrival. Be aware that: we have to be waiting for you at the apartment address to welcome you and give you the keys if you do not call us at least 30 minutes before you arrival we are no responsible for a good welcome service.

Breakages, kitchen burned or rotten utensils, broken furniture. Stain on sofas, couches , carpets , cushions etc… textiles wasted for misuse will be charged by credit card (in case t he client does not pay the security deposit in cash) always offering bills for the costs that were generated. The Security Deposit must be paid in cash, for its posterior refund at check out time. But in the case a credit card is used for the Security Deposit, because of the client’s economical commodity to pay it with credit card. He also authorizes us to charge on the credit card for damages generated against the propriety , authorizing it previous to his before booking confirmation.

Any delays must be advised as soon as possible especially arriving during weekends and national holidays. To not advise of delays my represent that you may not be received. Late arrival arrangements must be done forehanded and with no prior confirmation you may not be received in case you do not contact and arrange priorly the late or unexpected arrivals. In either cases been able to check in or not the night fee shall be charged any way since the apartment was kept free expecting your arrival.

When you come to the apartment we will show room by room explaining how it works, your responsibilities towards it and as well informations regarding to close shops, markets, transportations and attractions. To lose the keys has a charge of 30 euros Until 4 persons 1 set of keys will be given More than 4 persons 2 set of keys will be given

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